NaNoWriMo 2014 – 1 Week to Go!

I missed last week – sorry! – but I had like no progress. And now we are within a week of starting – I am freaking out!!

So progress is… last week I waddled it down to two story ideas – which is good – and I am currently outlining both stories EDIT@3:56pm – I outlined the first story and loved where it was going so much that I didn’t even bother writing the second story (which I originally thought would be the winner!). So I have my story! Here is a little synopsis:

A small country boy sees a girl in a pub one night, she’s very quiet and reserved and she’s helping out. Seems innocent enough but one night he sees her get stopped by some perverts and he goes to help but she kicks their asses and uses magic and then she spots him and now he must accompany her so she is sure he’ll never tell anyone ever again. Her mission is to kill but who? Is he on the right side?!

Sound good enough? I am very excited to write this now!!

I think I will give another update about my plans during the week; what would you prefer to hear about; setting/locations? magic system? characters? title ideas? Let me know!

How is your NaNoWriMo plan going?

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