#AYEARATHON Final Read-a-Thon TBR!

Firstly updates: I lost NaNoWriMo but managed to write over 32K! Which I think is my longest writing record for NaNo so far! So I am very proud and I will definitely be buying Scrivner too as it has been so helpful!

Now onto the topic of this post; The final YearAThon (GoodReads Group here) Read-a-Thon will take place this coming week and the theme is: graphic novels, comics and manga. I am in much need of catching up on at least a few manga chapters and I wouldn’t mind taking it easy reading wise (because I am too busy to actually just sit and read whole pages of words) and spend the week starring at pictures with a few words on it! So my TBR is:

– Catch up on Kuroshitsuji (3 chapters behind-ish)

– Catch up on Shingeki no Kyojin (2 chapters behind-ish)

– Carry on with GANTZ

Attack on Titan main image Black Butler main image Gantz main image

And we shall see what else I decide to read ^_^

See yah!

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