Beauty Never Dies by Cameron Jace

Beauty Never Dies (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #3)

Cannot believe it’s been a month since I finished a book and reviewed one! Many apologies but at least I hath another one for you all! It is the third prequel story/novella to the ‘The Grimm Diaries’ by the same author.

Quickie Review: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

I realise my star ratings are going down as I read these prequels (first one was 4 stars, second was 3 stars) but I have enjoyed every single one so far, it’s just that what I class as fairy tales, is what’s affecting my marking; at least in this one. This ‘diary’ entry is in the PoV of Peter Pan. And I have to say, I love how not so child-like Peter is! He is very much aware that he doesn’t grow up but sees both the good and bad side to not growing up – completely different to at least the Disney version of Peter Pan.

Unfortunately, because I hadn’t read one of these stories in over 3 months, I kind of forget the plot a little but luckily these prequels keep reminding the reader what all these fairy tale characters are aiming for while explaining their own goals and such. I liked the humour in this book and the interaction with Peter and the other characters. The ending I did love with the twist as to who the girl actually was! But here comes my main negative and the reason why it’s rated so low even though I enjoyed it a lot; characters who aren’t fairy tale characters are being included.

Firstly Peter Pan; okay I can let this one go because we do class him as a fairy tale character but he’s not a Grimm Brother creation. Secondly; the hunchback of Notre Dame is in here; now I know he’s a Disney character but I’m pretty sure he isn’t a Grimm character nor did I ever see him as a fairy tale character; I also feel that he didn’t really have a role. Lastly; Dracula is in here. I know right? He’s no Grimm, J.M Barrie, Disney OR Fairy Tale character but he is in! But it is explained why he’s in and it does make sense but still I feel Dracula shouldn’t be in this story; to me he seems much more real than what any fairy tale character could ever be – people were actually scared of witches hundreds of years ago so I’m sure people thought vampires were actually real too and to have such an iconic character in a fairy tale story, does not settle with me.

Minus me being conflicted with what I personally class as fairy tale characters; I very much enjoyed it and once again, the ending was awesome! I do thoroughly intend to carry on! ^_^

Have you read these? Any fairy tale books/novels you recommend? (and don’t all say Cinder! xD)

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