Top Ten Tuesday #27


This Week’s TopicTop Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing This Year – this one was super fun to do!

But firstly, let me tell you the books I asked for this Christmas:

wantforchristmas20143b wantforchristmas20143c wantforchristmas20143d wantforchristmas20143e wantforchristmas20143f wantforchristmas20143g wantforchristmas20143h wantforchristmas20143i wantforchristmas20143j wantforchristmas20143k wantforchristmas20143l wantforchristmas20143m wantforchristmas20143wantforchristmas20146

Yes, I asked for all the Brandon Sanderson books that I do not own (which is all of them minus 4!) as well as 1984 because I cannot believe I don’t own that book let alone haven’t read it yet! o_O

And now for the other 10 books that I want Santa to bring me!

wantforchristmas20141 wantforchristmas20142 wantforchristmas20144 wantforchristmas20145 wantforchristmas20147 wantforchristmas20148 wantforchristmas20149 wantforchristmas201410want1 want2

And there’s my top ten list! A a mix I think personally =]

What’s on your list? Comment below or link me to your TTT!

Merry Christmas!

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