Authors I Want to Read/Try in 2015

This list will be based solely on how much the author themselves have intruged and not by ‘what books do I own that are from authors I’ve never touched?’ but will literally be based on ‘I’ve heard this author is a cool guy’ or ‘I’ve only ever heard rave reviews of his books but I only know his name and book titles, let alone what his face looks like!’ xD Here we go! I shall also list the book I most likely to pick up first by them slash the book of theirs I really want to read first!

1. Stephen King – I must get a book and read this man! I love his lectures, I think he’s amazing. I’ve seen quite a few of his adaptation and I really wanna watch Carrie and Under the Dome and I’ve heard great things about… ALL this books! Especially ‘The Long Road’ recently. I must read this man in 2015!


2. Ernest Cline – he owns a freaking working Delorian and made a book filled with 80s gaming culture?! I’m there!


3. James S.A. Corey – because I heard they made an epic SF series that is now getting a TV show and over two years since I bought their first book and I’m still dying to read it?!


4. Hugh Howey – only ever heard amazing things about his books and I own one of his, so I better get on his case and experience the awesome!


5. George Orwell – he’s like the omniscient god in the classics/fantasy/SF world. He’s a man that just floats around every bookreader and seems to get his way into so many conversations and I want to find out just what this man’s writing and ideas are all about.


6. Joe Abercrombie – I’ve heard he’s the king of dark fantasy and I want a slice of a fantasy genre I haven’t tried.


7. Philip K. Dick – another omniscient god in the world that I walk in and yet never touched! =/


8. Patrick Rothfuss – he is on everyone’s radar! He’s a lovely person, his books are supposedly awesome (I have heard quite a bit of negative although doesn’t turn me off in the slightest) and he does a lot for charity and loves table top games – I need to read him.


9. John Scalzi – heard rave reviews about all of his books and they all sound awesome and right down my alley.


10. Gail Carriger – I’ve seen her in interviews and she’s perfectly pleasant! She writes in steampunk all the time which I think is awesome! And she loves octopi and tea! Also, her major at uni was as an archaeologist – how amazing is that?!


Sooooo many more I want to read and devour and maybe I will in 2015 but maybe they’ll have to wait until 2016 =/

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