5 Classics I Want to Read in 2015

I have accumulated quite a few classics over the years, and I’m not even including the free domain books you can get on Kindle! So here are the 5 classics I will read this year!

5classicsIhavetoread1 5classicsIhavetoread2 5classicsIhavetoread3 5classicsIhavetoread4 5classicsIhavetoread5

As well as an extra classic because it was a classic I started this year and have not yet finished!


I have chosen these classics mainly because they are classics that I own physically and with the high possibility (and certainty) of moving back to Japan next July/August, I need to kind get rid of as much physical stuff as possible so by going through all my physical classics, I will only be keeping the classics (and other books and DVDs etc.) that are top favourites of mine! So not only are they classics I want to read but also books I kinda have to read xD

Which do you recommend I start with?

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