Books without Romance

I am a person who is put off reading a book if it has romance in it. I really steer clear of books that have this aspect in it which seriously minimizes the books I can read; as well as cuts out like all YA books for me – and is why I thoroughly dislike YA because they tend to be heavy (in my opinion) on the romance.

Here are some books I read but didn’t like and the romance was part of the reason:

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1)Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)

So you can see just how much little romance is needed for me to hate a book and not want to read it xD But strangely enough I was able to readย The Selection but I guess this is because I went in knowing it was going to be all about the romance so was prepared for that.

The Selection (The Selection, #1)The Elite (The Selection, #2)

And here are some YA books I seriously want to read but heard there’s romance in it so I’d appreciate it if y’all let me know just how heavy the romance is:

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)Legend (Legend, #1)Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)Rebel Belle (Rebel Belle, #1)Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1)

I would much rather read a book that had no romance in it and yet create a romance in my mind for the characters. I did this with The Final Empire between two of the characters who had no romantic feelings between them at all but in my head they totally had a relationship going on.

So yes main questions;

How much romance do you like in your novels?
How heavily romanced are the above ‘want to read’ books?
Are there any books (YA or adult) that you think I’d enjoy that have no romance?
Do you recommend any books (YA or adult) that do have romance but it’s no where near the most important thing in the story?

7 thoughts on “Books without Romance

  1. I am no fan of romance myself. A bit of it is ok, but it’s much better to leave it implied and to my imagination, than actually displaying it in great detail. Some romance, given the fact that it’s not the main plot or too important as a part of the story, I am ok with.

    If you enjoy grimdark fantasy and don’t mind graphic violence, I highly recommend The Prince of Nothing trilogy by R. Scott Bakker. I have written reviews for all three in my blog, you are welcome to visit and read (I take care to write spoiler free reviews, btw). There is a little bit of romance but well, I can hardly call it that, it’s not that big of a deal as far as the whole story is concerned. It’s very minimal and like I said it hardly even qualifies as romance. Nothing really romantic in it, truth be told. If you are fine with grimdark atmosphere and some gore, you will probably love that series. There is another trilogy sequel to it called The Aspect-Emperor, its third book is still not out, I haven’t read it yet but the first trilogy was so jaw-dropping awesome I can vouch for The Aspect-Emperor too.

    A romance free YA book I can highly recommend is by the indie author Katie J. Cross, it’s called Miss Mabel’s School For Girls, first book of The Network Series (second book of it and a novella related to the series. I have written a review for it in my blog also. There is no romance since it’s set in a school for girls. Great plot twists and action packed story.

    Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist and The Empire Trilogy following it, and then Krondor’s Sons and Serpentwar Saga, all by Raymond E. Feist are fantasy lit classics, have very minimal romance and if you haven’t already read them I highly recommend. (I have written a review for the first 3 books of the Riftwar Saga, I have read all of those series and will write reviews of them time permitting)

    The Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock, has very minimal romance and only in the beginning. It is rather old, but if you haven’t read it, it’s one of the milestone classics of the fantasy genre, it’s dark fantasy and quite original, a trailblazer which inspired supreme characters like Drizzt and Raistlin.

    As for your TBR books above, I haven’t read any of them so I can’t say anything. I have seen the movies of the first books of Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments and didn’t care for them, though Mortal Instruments looked like something I’d read, maybe the movie was just bad, the story itself seemed ok except for too much romance. That is why that series is at the bottom of my TBR pile. I really prefer the kind of fantasy featuring thieves, pirates or assassins, or military-heavy featuring battles and court intrigue (Like A Song of Ice and Fire, where romance is not important in the story, I highly recommend if you haven’t read those yet).

    I will let you know if I come across more books with minimal or no romance.

  2. Oh, forgot to mention, I am writing the first book of a dark fantasy trilogy, about 39k words so far and not even the tiniest hint of romance. I have not planned to include any romance in it but the characters take over and write the story at times, they can be a bit unpredictable and I end up writing events and scenes I never planned. Though none of them seem to care for romance so far, since they are rather busy with other things like battles and rebellions. If it turns out romance free or with very minimal romance, I will let you know.

  3. I love romance books, they are literally my favourite. I usually don’t read a book if it does not have romance in. Umm City of Bones (the series) has quite a bit of romance in. I can’t think of any book I’ve read that’s not heavy in romance other than Wonder by R J Palacio ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I totally agree! There is way too much romance in almost every book I read, and it weighs down the plot and adds a ton of monotony. I think the YA genre receives an especially bad reputation due to the copious amounta of gratuitous fluff. I have accepted romance in books, but I will always favoe books that do not turn to romance as a major plot device or a way to add more words to a book.

  5. I guess I have about the same problem as you do; I normally don’t like reading romance and I won’t easily choose a romance novel to read. On the other hand, I did like The Hunger Games (although I do dislike most spin offs…)

    Of the books you want to read, I’ve only read City Of Bones, Throne Of Glass and Shadow And Bone. All three have the love triangle thing going on and I remember especially disliking the romance in the first two titles. I personally loved Shadow And Bone, even though some romance moments did manage to raise my eyebrows… But I think the last one is definitely worth reading. Ah, and if you want to read something Cassandra Clare, I’m enjoying the prequel trilogy starting with Clockwork Angel way better than the actual series. But then again, it still isn’t romance-free…

    I’ve checked my Goodreads for YA books I’ve read without romance, and it seems that almost all titles have some romance incorporated, like you said… The only title that doesn’t and is interesting is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, an interesting read if you like contemporary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I like romance, though I do prefer it if the plot isn’t focused on the romance, like when you’re reading the book you know that the romance isn’t the most important thing. City of Bones (and the entire series) has quite a lot of romance in it (though the plot is more important, but the romance is really there), but in Throne of Glass I don’t think there was that much romance (though I don’t know about the rest of the series as I haven’t read them yet).

  7. I’m glad someone else feels the way I do! While I don’t mind a bit of romance, I’m completely over the whole love-triangle thing! If any book I pick up hints at a love triangle, I have to put it down because I find it so irritating – it’s like nails on a chalkboard. It’s now getting to the point that any romance will make me roll my eyes… I completely empathize with your dislike of romance in a book. Sadly I cannot think of any great romance-free books at the moment, so I’ll have to come back if I think of anything ๐Ÿ™‚

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