How I Read (Tag?)

I think this is a tag, not sure, but anyways; I wanted to post something easy and simple for you all to read casually so here it is! This is how I read!

What I Read:
The obvious ones are:

And then after that is:
Occasionally Shakespeare, Classics, Paranormal/Supernatural and Mystery.
Rarely Steampunk (just because I don’t own any steampunk books really although I really want to read lots!), YA and Non-Fiction (excluding those I have to read for Uni), Middle Grade.
Never Thrillers, Contemperary

Did I mis anything?

When I Read:
1. At night; going to sleep. I tend to fall sleep within like 15minutes whether I’m loving the book or not because I’m led down.
2. Also I have recently started reading while The Sims 2 loading screens are on (I recently got back into my obsessed phase with the Sims) and you’d be amazed how slow the loading pages are and so you’ll be amazing how many pages I can get through between them all! =]
3. As soon as a new manga chapter from my favs (Shingeki no Kyojin and Kuroshitsuji) comes out; because I must know what happens ASAP!
4. Travelling; train, car, bus, plane (especially train and plane!!). Unfortunately I live on campus so this is a main reason as to why I don’t read a lot when I’m at uni, but every time I travel home or anywhere else, a book is with me; although long-haul flights are my weakness because the plane automatically comes with a personal TV screen so I just binge watch the entire time (yes I do not sleep on planes. FYI my travel time back from Japan in August totalled over 30 hours! So yeah, I slept all of 2 hours the entire time and I only managed to sleep thanks to drinking alcohol for the first time ever on a flight!)
5. Summer Time – during my high school, college and university summer times I have spent many a day just reading (did it with marathoning The Hunger Games in Summer 2012, and Percy Jackson Summer 2013 and Harry Potter before that). I get almost all my goodreads goal books read during that time. But as this is my final year I probably won’t have a ‘summer holiday’ at all come the end of my exams in May =[ but fingers crossed to having to fly back to Japan which means reading time!
6. On holiday! Those holidays where you just sit by the pool for two whole weeks? Yep that’s the story of my entire childhood until I was 18 so a lot of books were read during that time. I read like the entire His Dark Materials (1000+ pages) in less than 2 days when I was on holiday one year (I think I was 12 or 13 maybe).
7. I’m managing a few pages here and there between class breaks and waiting for class to start, but that’s so long as I’m not too busy gossiping or rushing to finish my homework before the teacher turns up xD

Where I Read?
1. My bed.
2. On my floor during the summer holidays.
3. Pretty much always said; trains, buses etc.
4. In class.

How I Read?
Some specifics that I need in order to read:
1. Be in the mood to read – this is an obvious no? xD
2. Either in complete silence at night or with a movie/instrumental music on in the background (I spend more time picking out the music/movies than I do reading!!)
3. I can only read like 30mins-1hour at a time if I’m in a situation where I’m not travelling/on holiday.
4. I don’t/can’t bend books back. Y’know when you see those people reading paperbacks and they have the entire cover turned over so that hold the book in like one hand? I just cannot. I HATE breaking spines. So while it might look really awkward, I open a book just before the point it’s about to bend on the spine and I can still read every word and not have a problem reading it. I feel pretty confident at how in perfect condition all my books are because of how I read books (maybe not around the edges but definitely my spines are all pretty much perfect! =D)

Why I Read?
Because it’s hella fun that’s why! and sometimes it’s compulsory for uni xD

How do you read? Different to me? The same? Let me know in the comments below!

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