City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

City of Stairs
I received this from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Quickie Review [Non-Spoiler]: 3.5/5
I think I missed the hyped-boat =[ which makes me sad because I’ve been excited to read it this entire time and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as others =[

Let us get the negatives out of the way shall we?
Took me about 50 or so pages to get into it.
I got confused for the first 100-ish pages as to who was from what country and where we currently were and such.
I didn’t care for the murder case.
I didn’t really feel a connection to the characters.
When I wasn’t reading it, I wasn’t excited to read it. Also, maybe it was just me but it didn’t click with me that a certain person had been killed until the last page or so! Hmmm…
I feel like the ‘big reveals’ at the end all happened and came out of no where; I didn’t feel there was any foreshadowing for the end reveals – maybe I’m stupid and can’t see clues/hints?
Another that I’m nit picking it; I was under the impression that this was a ‘non-white people’ novel and then about half way through, I find out that the Continentals are Caucasian?! I was like ‘waaah?’ xD

Loved the world.
Love love love the detailed and interesting history/religions.
Loved the gods and their back-stories.
I love how the topics explored in this story were very reflective of our own world; religious extremists, a super power controlling weaker states, racism, equality, homosexuality. I really did enjoy seeing those topics in the story.
I enjoyed reading it when I was reading it.
Mulaghesh has to be my favourite character; she reminds me of Starbuck (BSG) slash Brienne.

It’s a little different to your average fantasy (not much magic, not much fantastical creatures but come in small, nice doses) and differently feels refreshing!

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