The Storm by Virginia Bergin

The Storm (The Rain, #2)
Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review – thank you NG!
Book One – The Rain – Review

Quickie Review [Non-Spoiler]: 3 out of 5 stars.
Stop eating the biscuits!
This book was so much more action packed and crazier than the first book! It still terrified me just like the first book did as well! Seriously it was so mysterious and crazy! Great! I loved Ruby’s development between the first and the second book and I love her vast knowledge and how strong willed and adult-like she is in this book! Though it is a shame that the situation forced her to grow up xD Loved how Ruby would put in loads of different knowledge and be like (I learnt how to use that word!) and feel proud of herself =] However, a 3 star rating means I had problems. Firstly the ending, I felt it was really rushed, especially as it felt like it had the atmosphere of ‘we’re gunna give you a cliff hangar and a third book!’, it ended way too easily and too fast and left me with a lot of questions =/ I did want to see more Ruby/Spratt/Princess moments also =/

Overall, an action packed, crazy ride, not as good as the first book but Ruby’s development very much makes up for what it lacks plot wise.

Have you read it? What did you think of it? Did you enjoy the first book? Let me know!!

Review [Spoiler Section!]:
Back to the negatives; it ended way too easily and too fast and left me with a lot of questions; [where’s her dad? Was she really the cure (couldn’t have been that easy to make a ‘phage’ right?!)? What actually is a phage? How did she recover so easily from the car accident? Is Sask really dead? Has the experimenting stopped? What happened to the people she met in the first book? Why did Xar just not shoot Spratt and just simply walked out AFTER pointing him at gun shot?! It makes no sense! o_O A very minor one was Ruby claiming she and Spratt were in love; I can forgive this because I had my first love at 15 and still to this day say it was (a type of) love. But I am glad how anti-insta-love it was =]

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