Just Realised That All (Mostly) YA Books…

…Have Female Protagonists….

The Hunger Games (The Hunge...

Red Queen (Red Queen Trilogy, #1)

(Do correct me if I get any of these wrong, I’ve only read like 3 of them xD)

Hence why there’s always (usually) a love triangle…


giphy (1)

I’m all for equality and everything so… where are my males at?! Oh yeah, they’re all over at the adult fantasy section >.< Where are my male protags with two, three girls fighting over him over 3 books?! No, no, no, wait! Where is my homosexual love triangle?! Where is my guy is bisexual and a guy AND a girl want him love triangle?! (Don’t you steal my new novel ideas now! xD) O I’m sorry that’s called being bitchy and mean and not a love triangle right?

Maybe this is another reason why I don’t read/like YA… the plot thickens once more xD

3 thoughts on “Just Realised That All (Mostly) YA Books…

  1. Haha, you’re definitely right! There are too few male protagonists in YA novels… And while I don’t mind a kick ass female heroine as much, I do hate love triangles. Especially when they are too cliche, yuk! The gifs made me laugh by the way. 😀

  2. I agree with you that so many of the popular book series that are the ‘accepted canon’ of modern YA follow this trend, and although I have read some of them, I generally skip all parts that involve the whole relationship stuff – mainly because after reading one or two MMF love triangles I can’t believe there will be that many more. (and I’m here for the action/adventure, thanks) I think authors have seen that this has become so popular (and such a common trope) that they feel like the must write this to sell many books, and (in my opinion) they’d be right.

    There is YA out there that is directed at boys, and there is usually a traditional (one girl/one boy) romance or no romance at all. The only example of this I can think of from the top of my head is Chris Ryan’s YA series – but it’s mainly war stuff/natural disaster fiction marketed purely at young men/boys. So sad, because I know a few of my female students have loved those stories.

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