Winter Anticipated Books!

I know this is coming late, and spring begins March 31st, but I did battle with myself for a long time as to whether to do monthly anticipated reads or seasonal anticipated reads and as you can see: I finally decided! =] So here are the books that come out before Spring begins! (most/some will already be out but o well!) Also my TTT on debut authors for 2015 is here.

And my question is (trying a new thing where I ask the questions first rather than at the end of the entry xD): Once I reach my first lot of ‘Read 5 Books, Buy 1’ Scheme, which of these should I get first?!


The CityThe Ghosts of HeavenAmnesiaThe Just CityThe Way We Bared Our SoulsThe Jaguar's ChildrenThe Last Leaves Falling


Dark Intelligence (Transformation, #1)The Thorn of Dentonhill: A Novel of MaradaineThe Diabolical Miss Hyde (Electric Empire, #1)CannonbridgeThe Eterna FilesThe Girl in the Road: A NovelMark of the Thief (Mark of the Thief, #1)Those Above (The Empty Throne, #1)


The Buried GiantThe Suicide Exhibition: A NovelOld VenusThe Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous GirlPrudence (The Custard Protocol, #1)

And there you go! Not as many as I thought I would have on here xD I think you might be surprised to see the variety I have here; there’s a lot of SteamPunk and a short story collection (GRRMartin) and January had some books that, although being YA, sounded amazing – especially ‘The Way We Bare Our Souls’. Of course I do have fantasy there but none by authors I’ve ever read nor know of xD

Any books I missed that I must know about?

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