Life Update #1

Hey guys! Firstly, a huge apology for lack of updates!
My last lesson before the Easter holidays finished today so now I am officially on holiday! But…

I have a shit ton of work I have to do during the holidays.

Thus I want you all to brace yourselves. I could very well be just as absent until the middle of May as I was this past month or so.

I do apologise and I hate that all it is for me at the mintue is ‘work work work’ and when I’m not working, I’m too tired and would rather just stare blankly at an easy-watching American tv show for an hour or two before sleeping, rather than read or translate or really get into a Japanese-drama or a tv show that needs thinking work =[ breaks my heart.

But hopefully I will be back in full form in less than 8 weeks!

I will try and post some stuff where and when I can during the holidays but don’t get too high an expectation, okay?

Once again, sorry I’m so absent =[ fucking uni final year shit -_- << that’s only the tip of my stress level at the moment xD

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