NetGalley ARC Update!


Just thought I’d quickly celebrate my one year on NetGalley and I’m celebrating by crying at all the ARCs I have received but still yet to read >.<

But first two quick facts:
I have had 37 Approvals and my Approval Ratio: 30% – o dear o_O

Now let’s see how my journey has been so far.


Robot Uprisings, April 10th 2014 – Reviewed
L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30, May 6th 2014 – Reviewed
Look Who’s Back, March 3rd 2014 – Reviewed
The Truth About Alice, June 3rd 2014 – Reviewed
Thief’s Magic, May 15th 2014 – Reviewed
The Queen of the Tearling, July 17th 2014 – Reviewed
City of Stairs, September 9th 2014 – Reviewed
The Paper Magician, September 1st 2014 – Reviewed
The Rain, July 17th 2014 – Reviewed
The Storm, February 26th 2015 – Reviewed


The Glass Magician, November 4th 2014 – Currently Reading
The House of the Four Winds, August 5th 2014 – Started Reading [not re-picked up in months]

Yet to Read

The Falcone Throne, September 9th 2014 – Yet to Read
Branded, June 28th 2013 – Yet to Read
The Well of Tears, September 18th 2012 – Yet to Read
The Line, November 25th 2013 – Yet to Read
These Days Are Ours, September 4th 2014 – Yet to Read
Heart of Dread: Frozen, October 2nd 2014 – Yet to Read
Outer Limits, June 24th 2014 – Yet to Read
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, October 7th 2014 – Yet to Read
Returner’s Wealth, September 3rd 2013 – Yet to Read
The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2014, June 17th 2014 – Yet to Read
The Circus of the Dead, November 3rd 2014 – Yet to Read
The Palace Job, October 8th 2013 – Yet to Read
Gods and Monsters: Mythbreakers, December 2nd 2014 – Yet to Read
The Three-Body Problem, November 11th 2014 – Yet to Read
The Great Zoo of China, January 27th 2015 – Yet to Read
The Curse Keepers Collection, March 17th 2015 – Yet to Read
Angelfall, May 23rd 2013 – Yet to Read
The Girl at Midnight, April 28th 2015 – Yet to Read

Reviewed: 10
Yet to Read: 18
Reading: 1 [Technically 2]

So as you can tell me reading and not-read ratio has a HUGE difference! But with #0by16 I am hoping to get all those pre-accepted-2015 books done this year! But where to start o_O =/ Help?

2 thoughts on “NetGalley ARC Update!

  1. I have only requested and approved for about five books from Netgalley and I am already kind of feeling the stress with it and scared to even request anymore, so seeing that you have so many would drive me insane! lol. I would be crying too, hah.

    Angelfall is such a good book!
    The Curse Keepers (I read the first book) and I rated it one star, because it was just so bad in my opinion.

    GOOD LUCK! 🙂

    • Everyone seems to enjoy Angelfall so I was happy to be able to read it =] Sorry about the Curse Keepers. It’s interested me very since it first came out but we’ll see how it goes ^_^

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