The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

The Girl at MidnightRecieved this ARC from NetGalley in return for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley!

Quickie Review [Non Spoiler]: (3.75)4/5 stars
I really enjoyed this story. It definitely felt Daughter of Smoke and Bone-esque in the beginning and towards the end I got a Percy Jackson vibe. The writing is really easy to read and the story is already hella interesting and loving how the characters looked/were described ^_^ I loved how many locations the characters travelled to (although I was a bit iffy on the Kyoto section the way the author described it didn’t sound exactly right and the way the Japanese people acted in it didn’t seem accurate either), I liked pretty much all the characters (bar our protagonist for a very valid reason listed in the spoilers and bar the fact that like a 300 year old person can still blush over the most immature, teenage-like things… I think Jasper is my favourite.), the story was great, the adventure was great! But I did have a few snaggles; I did have quite a few eye rolling moments because it was so stereotypically YA when it came to the romance but I did appreciate there being homosexuality in it! I also didn’t like how rushed the end was and the explanation given but I assume it’ll get more detailed and there will be a better explanation (probably character heritage?) in the other 2 books. I enjoyed myself and felt myself wanting to read this book so it’s all good! ^_^

Did you read this? What did you think? Can’t wait to get your hands on it?

Review [Spoilers]:

Some notes I made during my reading process:

“Ugh, the love interest is here -_- knew it wouldn’t take long…”
“I love how we have the duo POV straight from the start and makes it all fair and I actually don’t know who’s side to be on… I’m more on the ‘bad’ guys side.”
“Definitely not on Avicen’s side at all! Sorry, not sorry!”
“We’re getting a bit too typical with the romance here -_- eye roll moments are a many at the moment.”
“There’s some stupid stereotypical YA roll eye moments but it’s still hella interesting and has my attention.”
“Cheaters -_- worst type of person there is… the ‘love triangle’ has begun.”

^^ And now you know why I hate the protagonist. She’s still with her boyfriend yet just because she’s ‘betrayed’ him she goes and kisses someone else?! What the actual fuck?! You can tell he would never leave her so why?! Fuuuuuuuu—.

Also, I was completely convinced Jasper had been killed!! It broke my heart ❤

But I don’t understand why we were suddenly in the middle of a battle and then the Ala come and all of a sudden everyone is in Jasper’s house healing. Did the Ala just pick them all up and run?! During the middle of a battle? WTF?!

Finally, the ending how the explanation was just like ‘it’s because you’re special that you’re the firebird’ are you kidding me?! That’s the shitty explanation you’re gunna give? Ugh, the rage!

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