Books I Want for My Birthday!

So my birthday is very soon and while I know I won’t be receiving books for my birthday (gotta save money for when I move in July) I always have a list of books I am dying to own and to get to, and because my birthday is coming up (as well as the end of the academic year) I can totally see myself perhaps caving and buying a few books as a treat ^_^ So without further ado, here are some books I really really would love for my birthday and will probably treat myself to very soon!

(In) English Books:

Ready Player OneKafka on the ShoreDeath Note: L, Change the WorldCarrieThe One (The Selection, #3)Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking JourneyPrisoner of Night and Fog (Prisoner of Night and Fog, #1)S.

(In) Japanese Books:

So yes! All the books!! ^_^ Have you read any of these? Any books you’ve read that are similar and recommend?

Wrap Up and TBR coming soon!!

2 thoughts on “Books I Want for My Birthday!

  1. I would love prisoner of night and fog and ready player one. They both sound really cool and have heard nothing but good things about them both. I would love to read the Heir, but the fact I’ve only finished the Selection it wouldn’t be a good idea. Lol. Happy early birthday wish hope you get the books you want. 😊

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