Summer Reading Goals

No May TBR because it’s just been read-a-thon after read-a-thon so there’s been no point to it xD so onto the SUMMER READING GOALS!

I have just over 2 months of summer so I want to use them wisely!


1. Read 30 books…but I would love to get to 50! But 30 seems more ideal for me =[
2. Read 3000 pages
3. Finish 2 Manga series – definitely want to finish GANTZ, keep up to date with Shingeki no Kyojin and Kuroshitsuji and the other manga I want to finish is…Highschool of the Dead.
4. Finish as many already started series as possible [list here] for series I have yet to complete, although tis a little old
5. Finish as many ARCs as possible (I have like 18) [See this shelf]

Blog Goals:
Post consistently
Comments on others more

Re-Organising My Shelves:

I decided to re-organise them so I had some priority going on. Basically just goes, priority books at the front, non-priority (also can be codename for = probably won’t get to/don’t mind not reading/my Japanese still isn’t good enough/will probably unhaul) books at the back. Let’s see who did and didn’t make the cut xD

^ Back row ^

I know you are all hating me for putting Pratchett and Sanderson at the back but in my defense! The Way of Kings is something I want to start when I’ve read all his other pre-2015 books and I like to read Pratchett’s books in order and the next of his is Wyrd Sisters for me which isn’t in that pile.

^ Front Row ^

Overall, including the RYBSAT books (and The Jungle Book) I have right next to me, there is a total of about 30 books! But we ALL know I wanna exceed that xD

Big goals? You betcha I’m looking forward to this challenge!

What are you summer reading plans/goals? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Summer Reading Goals

  1. My summer goals are to get through some of the contemporaries I’ve collected. Plus I need to finish and start some of the series I have on my shelf.

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