3rd July 2015 #FridayReads + Camp NaNo Update #1

Don’t kill me… I am still reading Order…. like I said earlier, my mind just isn’t in reading at the moment. But I am currently on their first Quidditch Match of the month and the whole “Weasley is Our King” has started xD

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)

But I received an ARC of Ernest Cline’s Armada earlier this week, so I got right on that as soon as I got it! It’s really good so far even if I’m only on chapter 2 >.< I am loving the pop references!


SO I really need to finish that for the 14th =]


Camp Update:  Yes it’s day three but thought maybe Friday Updates are a good idea as July finishes on a Friday also! xD Progress so far is = I am overwritten for the first two days so I am definitely doing well. It was really easy for me to get back into the story, I am enjoying writing it and I’ve already finished a chapter! =] I am currently on 1346 words!

What’s your Friday Reads this week? Have you gotten an ARC of Armada? If not, do you want it? xD How’s your Camp going?

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