Life Update – Japan, Reading and Other Stuff


I just wanted to quickly say a few things, although it probably won’t be quick at all. First quick thing: HUGE thank you to all you guys that read my blog and comment and such! Makes my day! =]

This summer has been so much fun ❤ even though I only left the house like 10 times in the past 9 weeks xD As most of you know I’m off to Japan on Sunday – that is if I don’t die on the plane (a fear of flying struck me last year and still hasn’t gone away and has caused me to have nightmares and not sleep properly for over a week now!) *fingerscrossed* – and so that means a few things.

Firstly, for my pre-Japan news:
I graduated officially last Thursday from Uni
Packing is almost done (just need to put in shoes and some everday clothing, and if there is room, books and DVDs and CDs!)
I finalised my living arrangements today! I am going into a beautiful new Share House in Yokohama (anyone seen that dorama ‘Share House’? It’s pretty good)
And um… I’m still shitting myself about work and have no confidence I can do it!

Now of course moving to Japan means some changes such as:
It’ll take me a while to get back into a routine schedule of commenting and posting on here.
Comments and postings will be a more apart rather than on a daily basis most likely.
My reading will drop even more dramatically than it already is most likely =/ so I think that means no longer doing TBRs for the rest of the year depending on how it goes.

BUT! There is a horizon which is… *drum role*
I will definitely not abandon and leave you guys here on your own!
AND! Being in Japan means I can get ALL the Japanese books I’ve ever wanted! xD

The first things I need to get done when I get to and move to Japan are:
Move into apartment [Internet should be available as soon as I move in too!]
Mobile Phone
Sign Contract
Intial Training

After that comes the fun stuff like buying books, D-Boys and KAT-TUN Membership, seeing baseball games, buying a bike, paying for Hulu and Netflix etc.

If you have any questions or requests or whatever about anything do let me know or ask below!! ^_^

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