Summer Reading Goals – Wrap Up!

I made some goals back in May and now it time for the results! I think we ALL know where this is heading right? Anyway let’s enjoy my fail! My summer holidays finished July 27th


  1. Read 30 books = I read a total of 19 books which means I failed but also meant I surpassed my GR goal! =]
  2. Read 3000 pages = I surpassed this easily thanks to reading lots of Manga! ^_^
  3. Finish 2 Manga series = failed.
  4. Finish as many already started series as possible = I finished The Selection trilogy but that’s all =/
  5. Finish as many ARCs as possible (I have like 18) = I failed even though I read quite a few ARCs, I requested a bunch of new ones!! =/

Blog Goals:

Post consistently = I think I did pretty well on this one.

Comments on others more = this one too!

Re-Organising My Shelves:

Those shelves are gone and some have gone to family/friends, charity or locked in storage waiting for me to come and pick them up when I go back to England for a visit.

Not too bad…right? xD

One thought on “Summer Reading Goals – Wrap Up!

  1. You did better than me since I totally forgot I made goals. The thing I wanted to do was finish some series but that didn’t happen. I need to get on that.

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