NaNoWriMo 2015!!


OKAY! So I’ve FINALLY thought of a story I really like and wanna stick to, so I am officially announcing my participation in NaNoWriMo 2015!!!!
BUT before I begin writing, can I request a favour from you all?
In your knowledge, do you know of any books/manga/anime/movies/tv that are samurai/sword-play/meiji/edo/historical themed? I know usual ones such as Seven Samurai and Rashomon.


2015 Bookish Resolutions Quarterly Round Up #3

This is the third and final update before the overall finale update comes in December.. lets see how much I’m failing cos I feel like I am!!

Part One: Minimum Goals

1. GoodReads Goal = 20 (Was completed last update)

Books Read since June:

2. #Project5Books (2 lots of Project5 was completed but since coming to Japan I’ve bought 9 manga so it’s still uneven =/)
3. Read 5 Classics (One classic down)
4. Read everyday (This is semi-failed as sometimes I work all day I just wanna zone out when I get home. Also loving podcasts lately instead of reading to work)
5. Keep up blog (Nope, sorry – Failing)

Part Two: Aim Goals

6. Read all Brandon Sanderson books pre-2015 (0 read – Still Failing!!)
7. Finish ALL ARCS! (I started going through my ARCs and got rid of those I weren’t gunna read, I’ve read 2 more ARCs since June…)

8. Finish 4 Series/Trilogies (Still 75% and not completed another series since June – Semi-Success!)
9. Terry Pratchett (Not continued reading – Failing!)
10. Out way manga vs books (Again I’ve been more manga reading lately so the ratio is unbalanced 136:131 – Kinda Failing!)
11. Complete a November NaNoWriMo (I have no real inspiration yet, I’ve been thinking of a few ideas but nothing has been a solid ‘yes!’ yet =/)
12. Physical books down to at least 40 (Since June I’ve unhauled loads of books, given books to people BUT I have bought 1 novel book since coming to Japan, so that’s…  43 – Semi-Succeeding!)

Insane Goals

13. #0by16 (According to GR I have dropped from 70 to 66 since June (remember this doesn’t include stuff that I bought this year) – Sorta Success)
14. NPR’s 100 Best SF and Fantasy Books Challenge (Not even looked at the list yet! – Failing!)

Total Completed: Still 1…

I need to make easier goals next year or at least fewer xD

Last update at the end of the year! How are your resolutions going?