2015 Resolutions Wrap Up


You ready to see my fail?

Minimum Goals

  1. GoodReads Goal = 42 out of 20 Books ReadDONE! This marks my 4th year in a row completing (and extending) my goodreads challenge!! ^_^
  2. #Project5BooksFAILED MISERABLY!
  3. Read 5 Classics = I only read one this yearFAILED!
  4. Read everyday  = FAILED but I did read a LOT more frequently this year =]
  5. Keep up blog = I’d say I sorta did this. I was really good up until I moved to Japan and got a full time jobDONE!

2 out of 5 Completed!

Aim Goals

  1. Read all Brandon Sanderson books pre-2015 = Hahahaha don’t ake me laugh. I haven’t read ONE book by his this year (Nearly finished Mistborn 2 though!) = EXCEEDINGLY FAILED!
  2. Finish ALL ARCS! = Nope – FAILED!
  3. Finish 4 Series/Trilogies = I finished three: Narnia, The Selection Trilogy and The Rain DuologyFAIL!
  4. Terry Pratchett Read-a-Long = I only read Sourcery this year ='[ = FAILED!
  5. Out way manga vs books = 138:132 = FAIL!
  6. Complete a November NaNoWriMo (damn you 50k!) = FAILED!
  7. Physical books down to at least 40 = According to my note book, I’m down the 42 physical books which I say is damn close! But still = FAILED!

0 out of 7 Completed!

Insane Goals

  1. #0by16 (excluding those I get in 2015) = FAILED HOLY MACKEREL FAIL!
  2. NPR’s 100 Best SF and Fantasy Books Challenge = FAILED!


So that is the train wreck I call my fail of 2015 resolutions…. How bad did you do? I am proud of how many books I read this year and I’m exceedingly proud that almost ALL the manga I read was in Japanese so that’s a huge accomplishment in my opinion but I only managed to complete 2 challenges and there were only 5 challenges that should’ve been possible! And not even being able to do those is just… embarrassing!

There’s always next year anyway ^_^

How did you do this year?

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