2016 Resolutions!

It’s that time of year again!! I am definitely going to try and make more realistic goals this year unlike last year xD Let’s have a look shall we?


  1. Read 50 books – I seem to read about 45 books every year and only ever give myself like a 20 book goal, so I wanna see if I can push myself xD
  2. Manga/Book ratio – It’s back this year and I really want my book total to outweigh my manga total.
  3. Get Kindle Books down to 80 – I have an insane amount of kindle books (168 books)and that needs sorting!
  4. Get English Physical Books down to 20 – I think I’m currently at 45.
  5. Finish ALL Arcs – seriously, I need to BAN myself from NetGalley and get some reading done!
  6. Finish 5 Brandon Sanderson books – A serious tone down from last year where I wanted to read ALL the books by him but like I said, I’m being more realistic this year xD. I mainly wanna finish the first Mistborn trilogy and then I am thinking of reading his earlier bookes; Elantris and Warbreaker. Also they are currently not part of a series so I think it’d be good for me to get through those two.

  7. Finish a novel – even if it’s for NaNoWriMo!
  8. Read 2 classics
  9. Finish 3 series – manga is allowed!!
  10. Continue #Project5Books – even though I failed it this year xD
  11. Read a full-length Japanese books – I will do this!!


And they are my goals! I definitely have more fun making goals rather than completing them xD

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