The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

So my last review was way back in November which means I’m 8 reviews behind. So I best start of from where I left off!

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)

Quickie Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I put off reading this book for SO long because I was SO worried it wouldn’t live up to book one but oh my god; the was so good!

Brandon Sanderson has such a way of weaving in little clues and things along the way and create these MASSIVE reveals and shockers at the end. Seriously, the last 100/200 pages were INSANE! At the beginning of the story I was like ‘I know where this is going’ and some things that I predicted came true straight away but in true Sanderson style, he ADDS something that you don’t expect to it and it just blows up!! I was completely hooked, so invested, loved every moment of it and holy hell – that ending!

I have to say though; I’m still not a fan of the main romance (but I seriously shipped the other couple in this book though! Y’know Zane!!) but that’s just me not liking romance in books that I read. I prefer books (and movies I think) without romance, especially when they’re fantasy and/or action.

Spoilers (and less coherent thoughts):

I ship Vin and Zane SO hard and I am SO pissed he’s dead! I cannot stand Vin and Elend. Elend can jump off a cliff for all I care. I honestly thought he was gunna die at the end but he fecking didn’t and on TOP of that he became a mistborn!!! WTF?!?!? I DON’T like it!!!!!
Zane better not be dead!!! Holy shit…. the voice in Zane is the bad thing is a theory I will SUDDENLY get on! Also, WHY is Twyndel DEAD?!?!? Her and Sazed were just…. OMG I shipped it so hard! All the people who should’ve lived have died and those that are living should be dead – just saying.

But pushing away my own personal character love/hate – I LOVED this book! I was SO shocked and so entertained and I was completely hooked cover to cover! The last 200 pages was just OMG all hell broke lose and omg cray cray!

I accidentally got spoiled for the Spy reveal cos I was reading Brandon’s notes chapter by chapter as I read the book and accidentally opened the spoiler section -_-
TenSoon and OuSeur ❤ I want them both back next book but y’know… stuff happened.

I don’t like the idea of Vin being the Hero of Ages. I hope she isn’t. Towards the end I honestly thought Elend was gunna end up being the Hero of ages but then obvs Vin went into the Well.

Also, did I mention I’m not liking Elend suddenly being a Mistborn? I honesty thought it was gunna be the other way and the Well was gunna cause Vin to lose her powers.


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