June Wrap Up and July TBR!

Been pretty successful but I did cheat by reading a few books under 100 pages, but it is still a book!

June Wrap Up: 

L.Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30
The Guard
The Truth about Alice
The Eslites
The First Taste is Free
Battle Royale
Look Who’s Back

Wow! Had no idea I had read that much in June!! I guess it’s making up for May and most likely this month as it is exam month! =[

July TBR: [this won’t be an ambitious one at all due my exams!]

Thief’s Magic – started it already and loving it!

If that gets read then;

The Queen of Tearling
100 Year Old Man
[although I’ve been in the mood to read Dracula for like 2 weeks now! But isn’t it a rather long book? I’d rather start it at summer].

Also Read-a-Thons!


Summer of Spells [video link to info]
Summer of LOTR [video link to info]

Coming Up!

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21st – 28th – Under-Hyped Books: Under 5000 ratings on GoodReads [GoodReads Link]

Be awesome if I could participate but exams =[


Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes

Recieved from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

Quickie Review: 3.5/5 Stars
Very enjoyable and at times amusing and very interesting to read about! However, I feel that I missed out on a lot due to my lack of knowledge about Hitler and the World Wars etc. [at my school, you’re only taught about the 20th century when you reach the last two years of High School and by that point History is an optional subject, which I didn’t take]. I did also enjoy in the beginning when he’d miss hear words and meaning.

Plot: Hitler wakes up on a playing field, it’s now 2011! He is taken in by a newspaper shop owner and soon finds himself spouting his views on both television and youtube.

Characters: None were likeable if I’m totally honest. Neither like nor dislike.
Hitler: A very, very charming, charismatic and intelligent man [not sure how much book character resembles real Hitler though] but at the same time very ignorant, very stubborn and very dumb. He’s in the 21st century! He’s been taught how to use a computer, yet he doesn’t know how hated he is, ever!

Negatives: Already mentioned; I am not knowledgeable about his history or anything surrounding him so I feel I missed out on say the ironic humour, or when he’s talking about certain events that he started etc. Also, I thought this book was going to be about Hitler getting used to the new world but there was hardly any ‘wtf is going on here?! Why are women working? Why are they wearing very short skirts? What’s this thing called an app?!’ etc. but it wasn’t the main focus at all, it was as if he got used to it all within like 2 hours of being there and was okay with everything! Also, in the translation, a lot of german words were kept in and just assumed the reader knew everything about Hitler’s party names and such. And just to be extra picky, I spotted some spelling mistakes too! ‘is to take a walk though nature’ and ‘whether you we’re really a vegetarian or not’ but maybe these got fixed in the final book. Also, there was hardly any twist, he was just getting lucky the entire time! There was one point [concerning a grandmother] where I thought ‘here comes his domain or at least a push back for him!’ and it got resolved in the next page!

Battle Royale by Takami Koushun


Quickie Review: 4.5/5 Stars
Always been a huge fan of the movies and to be able to read the book finally; some how it was even better than the films!! Some of the translation seemed a bit off though (hence the missing) but nevertheless it has action, romance, is was thought provoking. Loved it!

Plot: 42 students are on their way to the school trip destination. It’s a night trip so they all sleep and when they wake up, it’s turns out the government had a different trip in mind and turns out they have been selected for the next Battle Royale! Romance, action, violence and scenes of a mature content (for some) occur.

Characters: There’s over 42! So I’ll just pick my favourites and who was interesting.
Shuya and Noriko: Our main protagonists. Tbh, I’m meh about them but represent the average Joe which is good.
Shogo: I found him so interesting and great to read. He really is a character who just keeps surprising and spurting the knowledge.
Kiriyama: He is kick ass! All his scenes are so interesting and so brutal! I don’t think we ever get a POV from him yet he has such a presence the entire book!
Mitsuko: She is one crazy ass bitch also her back story and the way it’s told is amazing yet so saddening.
Shinji: the inventor!! His section was very interesting and through him we receive a lot of info about Battle Royale.

Negatives: Basically just the translation, which I’ll now get onto.

I was reading the older translation rather than new translation (which I think came out this year), so all my comments are based on that. The main problem was using words that just aren’t used really (in my opinion or maybe I’m just very uneducated). For example;
Page 319 ‘inordinate’.
Page 350 ‘longitudinal’
Page 531 ‘belligerent official’
I also felt there were some tense problems now and again e.g. Page 567 ‘by the time Shogo followed and slid in, Shuya had Noriko sit down, the Browning (a gun) in his when’ not just me right? Maybe my almost 5 years in learning Japanese has messed up my English more than I thought xD then naturally I found mistakes and misses e.g. Page 359 ‘the he spoke’.
Finally I want to point out two translations that I don’t think fit the context and/or the story:
Page 283 ‘you’ve be one quite a stud’ this totally works! If the story was set in America in the 90s in a high school setting. But this story is in Japan in the near future with middle schoolers. It just DOESN’T work and makes me feeling slimy and creepy even reading it!
Page 302 ‘I just go all excited’ seeing this sentence I can totally understand what the Japanese why it might be translated to ‘excited’ but in English it doesn’t work, so I feel ‘riled up’ or ‘tense’ would be a more befitting word.

I know I’m no translation expert but as a learner of languages and having interest in translation and when translating a book, getting it perfect is key in order to have a ‘perfect’ read, just thought it wouldn’t hurt to point things out that I notice. Also, when I read the new translation, I’ll be able to compare the two and see which is better and such! =)

Below are favourite scenes, quotes,  ect and me talking about the Author’s message, so spoilers!

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The First Taste is Free by Zephyr Indigo


Quickie Review: 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads.
Episode 1 in the ‘Pixie Chix’ series. Another quick and easy read (like 20 pages again) and can easily get you in the mood when the sauciness hits. I probably would continue just to find out the rest of the story alone, yet has an added bonus of sexy time. Great to have it being different and not a heterosexual main lead, also a strong female lead! A great read to get ladies hot and bothered quickly! It has just the right amount of sauciness.

Plot: It says it right on the cover; about a lesbian vampire. It’s a bit more than that, there is an actual point but that would spoil episode 1’s end.

Felicia – Firstly, I love the same! (reminds me of Felicia Day!) and she is the lesbian vampire. She’s very strong, very clever and knows what she wants – my kind of girl (maybe not in a romantic way).
Mint – A Pixie and a very cute one!

Negatives: It was not long enough <- Does that count?

The Eslites by C.M. Doporto


Quickie Review: 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads.
This is the 0.5 Novella in ‘The Eslite Chronicles’ and only has like 20 pages but 20 great pages! Love the premise! I want to know so much more about the characters and what is going to happen. Definitely will read more! And I really like the cover!

Plot: An advanced alien species is on Earth and is taking women from 16 – 25 years detained in an otherworldly facility named Nidus where they are given a series of tests, some don’t come back. This story follows sixteen-year-old Miranda Mays; will she pass the tests? Do she even want to pass the tests? And who is running the show anyway?!

Miranda: Intelligent, strong and not stupid – a good strong female lead!
(I’m quite sure the smaller characters will return in the books!)

Negatives: That stupid nickname her boyfriend calls her! -_- so stupid! Also, wish the seven months had been extended and explained but maybe that’ll be in the actual books?

The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu


Received as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review (even though I’m a few days late – was released June 3rd!).

Quickie Reviews: 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads.
Not only a quick easy read but also an interesting one; you wanna know at least two mysteries as you read along, you see the characters grow, it’s easy to relate to the subjects and look back and be like ‘yeah I had something similar happen to me too!’ and I also love how it’s about ‘high school throws shit at you but also teaches you how to discover things like how to find true friends.’ Loved how we ended on Alice as well!

Plot: Alice is a (quote) slut – or so everyone in her town thinks, but is it true? There’s gossip, betrayal, secrets and a few serious themes thrown in also.

Elaine – HOLY shit this character! I hated her SO so So much! I wanted to bang her against a wall so much! Just how stuck up she is and her attitude. She seems like the only character that doesn’t grow in this book!
Kelsie – Kelsie I also didn’t like but at least she gave reasons and we discovered why she acts and is the way she is. Also I personally connected with Kelsie’s section VERY much and found it very HARD to read as I could 100% relate to her on the major event that happens to her – especially as it only happened to me last month – and it was written so realistic and real that I found myself just wanting to cry for both her and me and what she’s going through and what she’s thinking after the event, I am also currently going through.
Josh – The jock! Or so you just stereotype at first but you learn that he really cares about his friends. Also, it was explicitly said in the book (but to those that have read it); am I right in thinking that he’s gay but doesn’t know it? Especially the way he talks about Brandon.
Brandon – he’s basically to blame for everything that happens in this book and he doesn’t even have a P.O.V! xD But what we learn about him is, he’s very layered and real (they all are) and it was great to see how he acted with different people.
Kurt: The geek – but a sweet one. I really liked Kurt. He was like the only character that didn’t have a flaw – well his flaw was that he was seen as a weirdo and a loner but besides that, he was so sweet and so cute! Loved him!


When I sit by myself in the cafeteria rereading The Hobbit for the thirteenth time’ hells yeah to The Hobbit reference! ❤

Negatives: All these teens seemed to have had a very closed upbringing and maybe it was because it was a small town but I also come from a small town (not as small as the town in the book) but in my high school days if I found out a girl has given a guy a blow job or slept with two guys, no one really would be like ‘oh my god what a slut’ we were more like ‘omg how was it? What happened? What do you do?!’ so that really annoyed me at how close minded they all were. Already said; I really disliked Elaine’s character. Also, if Kelsie said ‘The Very Awful Stuff’ one more time, I was gonna blow. But they are the only negatives really. And I hated Elaine so much but that’s not the books fault, that is just the character herself.

The Guard by Kiera Cass


Other Reviews of Books in the Trilogy:
The Selection (#1) – The Elite (#2) – The Prince (#1.5)

Quickie Review: 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads!
I enjoyed this one more than I enjoyed ‘The Prince’ and I felt like it was more necessary and added to the story rather than ‘The Prince’. Maybe I was reading way too much into it but this novella seemed to leave hints as to what’s going on with the King and the rebellion and everything so I got theories flying everywhere! Give me The One now!

Plot: Following Aspen’s (the Guard) POV during his time in the palace and his interations and thoughts.

Character: Aspen – I really like him! He cares so much for America and he catches up on things that she’s (and us as readers as the books are in her POV) oblivious to. I think after reading this I have definitely become an Aspen girl! But I feel someone else will become his girl in the end.

Quotes Love

‘Everything doesn’t seem like anything when you love someone’ (17%) Oh Aspen!! ❤

Negatives – Not many really, just one thing was when he was talking about getting an injection; for what exactly? That wasn’t explained! Unless I missed that in the main books? o_O O I found one more thing; Kiera Cass wrote at one point ‘like a big middle finger to the monarchy‘ really Kiera Cass? Most people that read YA all swear! Why you baby-ing us? Just say ‘gave us a big ‘fuck off” not difficult. We aren’t children – I could happily rant about what ‘Young Adult’ actual means and how book target audience of ‘YA’ actually isn’t ‘YA’ but moving on!

Theories on Last Book (based on what went on in this Novella) SPOILERS BELOW!!

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