April Wrap Up and May CR!

Better later than never xD As I keep telling myself with everything lately haha

April Wrap Up

魔界王子 devils and realist 1 [Makai Ouji by Madoka TakadonoBranded by Abi Ketner

I was hella busy the last two or so weeks of April so didn’t get much time to read but I did finish one manga volume and the book Branded, which I gave 2 stars to even though it had an amazing start.

May Currently Reading

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson魔界王子 devils and realist 2 [Makai Ouji by Madoka TakadonoOyasumi Jack the Ripper

For May I’ve already finished Elantris (which I LOVED!) and one more manga volume which I’ll continue reading cos I’m seeing the Stage of it next month so I must be all caught up on i << that’s how my OCD works xD I’m also still working on the Japanese version of Oyasumi Jack the Ripper which I like anyay but it’s so weird!

And that’s all. How was your April and May?

January – March Wrap Up and April CR!

I have been neglecting this blog WAY too much and I sincerely apologise. If you’ve written any blogs the past three months that you’re proud of and want me to see then please let me know, cos I want to read them!! So let’s get this done!

January Wrap Up

The Circle by Myka RamosOrange 3 by Ichigo TakanoOrange 4 by Ichigo TakanoThe Princess of Egypt Must Die by Stephanie DrayThe Hero and the Fiend by Glenn G. ThaterA Dark Kiss of Rapture by Sylvia DayOrange 5 by Ichigo TakanoThe Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

 I read a bunch of shorter novellas in January so I could get an easy head start on my reading goal incase I feel behind (which already happened xD). I also finished the heartbreaker than is Orange and I intend to make a review of the entire series, as well as finishing Mistborn after a 3 year journey ❤ Reviews for the novellas can be found here but I still haven’t made reviews for anything else just yet – sorry!

February Wrap Up

The Martian by Andy Weir

I had some down time with in February and took my time (not really cos I was hooked) reading The Martian all month. Review yet to come sorry =/

March Wrap Up

Gantz/37 by Hiroya OkuGantz/36 by Hiroya OkuGantz/35 by Hiroya OkuGantz/34 by Hiroya OkuGantz/33 by Hiroya OkuGantz/32 by Hiroya Oku
Gantz/31 by Hiroya OkuGantz/30 by Hiroya OkuGantz/29 by Hiroya OkuGantz/28 by Hiroya OkuGantz/27 by Hiroya OkuGantz/26 by Hiroya Oku

I marathoned and finished the last 12 volumes of Gantz this past week! I am so happy I’m finally done with the series after reading it for like 4 years xD I’ll make an overall review of the series when I have time. In March I continued and caught up with Kuroshitsuji and Shingeki no Kyojin (I was about 4 or 5 chapters behind on both of them!)

Currently Reading

ElantrisBranded (Sinners, #1)Makai Ouji: Devils and RealistOyasumi Jack the Ripper

During March I started Elantris and I’m enjoying it a lot so far and I love how it’s one a three-character-POV-cycle and I love the world and I’m excited to know more! I also started Branded this week (it’s an ARC I’ve had for like 3 years!) and I have to say, I’m pleasantly enjoying yet another YA book. It’s even had me want to cry at least twice too! Other than that I started two manga series in March too and still reading them. They are Makai Ouji- Devils and Realist (watch the anime last week and I intend to see the stage play of it in June!), and Oyasumi Jack the Ripper (already bought my ticket to watch the stage play of it on April 22nd so had to do my research and homework before watching it!).


And that’s my massive update done!! I am currently at 21 books out of 45 for my reading goal which is great but I understand some people would see ALL the manga and class manga as cheating but I really don’t xD Once again I apologise for the lack of updates but I’m just so busy. If I’m not working I’m either reading, watching TV, writing movie/drama reviews, translating, studying or going to concerts/stage plays/musicals/baseball games. So I am very sorry!

What are you reading this month?

#AYEARATHON Final Read-a-Thon Wrap Up!

It’s not the end of Sunday yet but I don’t see myself reading anymore manga for the day! So let’s get onto the wrap up!

I was very successful if I may say so myself! I read almost everyday and read:

– 2 chapters of Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan80 pages (which allowed me to complete Volume 15!)
2 chapters of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler50 pages
Finished Gantz Volume 15 120 pages
Start and Finished Gantz Volume 16193 pages

Attack on Titan, Vol. 15 by Hajime Isayama Gantz /15 by Hiroya Oku Gantz/16 by Hiroya Oku 

In total I read 443 pages! =] How amazing is that, for me!! ^_^ I am very happy. I also managed to read some GoT and Paper Magician and also finish a short story/novella(? I guess you’d call it that… only 28 pages). So I shall be posting a review for that and also mention the progress in my already successful wrap up.

Also, thanks to reading and getting through 3 volumes and a short story this week; I’VE HIT MY GOODREAD CHALLENGE GOAL!! of 38 books! But I’m going to keep reading and try and hit my original goal of 48 books! But we’re only on day 7 and I’ve already managed to catch up (kinda cheating because it’s manga) by 4 ‘books’! =]

Hope you all have a lovely and safe Sunday!

#AYEARATHON Final Read-a-Thon TBR!

Firstly updates: I lost NaNoWriMo but managed to write over 32K! Which I think is my longest writing record for NaNo so far! So I am very proud and I will definitely be buying Scrivner too as it has been so helpful!

Now onto the topic of this post; The final YearAThon (GoodReads Group here) Read-a-Thon will take place this coming week and the theme is: graphic novels, comics and manga. I am in much need of catching up on at least a few manga chapters and I wouldn’t mind taking it easy reading wise (because I am too busy to actually just sit and read whole pages of words) and spend the week starring at pictures with a few words on it! So my TBR is:

– Catch up on Kuroshitsuji (3 chapters behind-ish)

– Catch up on Shingeki no Kyojin (2 chapters behind-ish)

– Carry on with GANTZ

Attack on Titan main image Black Butler main image Gantz main image

And we shall see what else I decide to read ^_^

See yah!

Series Part 2 – Series I Want To Complete

We are back for part two! Here we/I can see what series/trilogies I have begun but not yet finished – but want to! < or at least continue onto the next book/novel/issue in the series/trilogy! I shall split them up into 4 sections – should be easy to understand.

Series/Trilogies Completed

Ender’s Quartet = Finished Book 1 Ender’s Game
Sherlock Holmes = Finished Book 2 The Sign of Four
The Chronicles of Narnia = Finished Book 5 Voyage of the Dawn Treader [being read in Chronological Order!]
The Inheritance Series = Finished Book 1 Eragon [mis-placed book 2!]
The Vampire Chronicles = Finished Book 1 Interview with the Vampire
Harry Potter = Read ALL but only got half-way through book 5 – it’s too long for the 12 year old I was at the time!
Mistborn = Finished Book 1 The Final Empire
The Grimm Diaries = Finish Snow White Blood Red and Ashes to Ashes, Cinder to Cinder

FinishSeries3 FinishSeries5 FinishSeries6 FinishSeries7 FinishSeries10 FinishSeries11 FinishSeries12 FinishSeries8

Series/Trilogies Still Being Written

A Song of Ice and Fire = Currently reading A Game of Thrones
The Millennium Rules = Finished Book 1 Thief’s Magic
The Selection = Finished Books The Selection, The Prince, The Elite and The Guard
Discworld Series = Finished Book 4 Mort

FinishSeries1 FinishSeries2 FinishSeries4 FinishSeries9

Comics/Manga Completed

Tactics = Volume 5
Otomen = Volume 3
GANTZ = Volume 14

FinishManga5 FinishManga4 FinishManga6

Comics/Manga On-Going.

Attack on Titan = Volume 13
Twisted Dark = Volume 1
Avenger’s Arena = Issue 2
Kuroshitsuji = Volume 19

FinishManga1 FinishManga2 FinishManga3 FinishManga7

Wow! There is a lot!

Any here you liked? Disliked? A specific one I must finish ASAP? Let me know below!

Series Part 1 – Series I Have Completed

This will be a 4-part [currently planned] series on, well, Series! [and Trilogies] and basically just information to let you know what Series/Trilogies I’ve completed, not completed etc. It also is like a list for myself but naturally, I want to show you guys! So without further ado; Series I Have Completed = 6 Books Series and 3 Manga Series!

CompletedManga1 CompletedManga2 CompletedManga3

Manga: Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Death Note

CompletedSeries1 CompletedSeries2 CompletedSeries3 CompletedSeries4 CompletedSeries5 CompletedSeries6

Books: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Warlord Chronicles, Percy Jackson Series, His Dark Materials Trilogy, The Hunger Games, The Lord of the Rings

Now I know exactly what you are thinking: where is Harry Potter?! All in good time…