May Wrap Up and June TBR!

I participated in two Read-A-Thon’s this month, so you would’ve thought I’d have been more successful…

May Wrap-Up:

Nothing ='[ But I did read like 400 pages of Battle Royale and almost 400 pages of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30 so I am happy there! I’ve made such an amazing improvement this year with my reading, just every month, even reading a page, is more than what I read in a month last year and the year before (I have only read in summer (June – August) the past two years) so reading around 800 pages this month (and even like reading 2/3 books last month!) is a huge improvement =]

June TBR: (repetition from like the last two months I know, I’m sorry! Please forgive me?)

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30 (finished it early this morning!! =])
The Guard (The Selection #2.5)
Battle Royale
Thief’s Magic (ARC copy, was out May 13th)
The Truth About Alice (ARC copy, out June 3rd)

I’m only naming these five (rather than all the books I’m part way through) because they are the ones I’m only focusing on right now.

Same Time, Next Month! (hopefully more successful!)


May 2014 Book Haul!

I only bought one physical book (and two magazines – but I doubt you want to see those!) and I have already listed it in a ‘Stack the Shelves‘ but I thought it’d be nice to show you it close up – because it looks gorgeous! The title’s name is a little difficult to translate into English. It is ‘Eien no Zero’ which Eien means ‘forever’, No is like ”s’ and Zero is of course ‘Zero’. So it’s like Zero’s Forever? Forever’s Zero? Difficult ain’t it! xD

With Dust Jacket On


Without Jacket




Inside Map


How gorgeous is that?! The GoodReads link is here but currently has no English translation. Also, from what I remember from the film, the synopsis is:

When Kentarou’s grandmother passes away, he finds out that his grandfather isn’t his real grandfather and goes out to find out just who his biological grandfather is. Along the way he learns that he was part of the Kamikaze group during World War 2. Not only that, everyone he interviews that were in the group with him call him ‘weak’, ‘a coward’ and so on, until one time when someone calls him a hero. We follow Kentarou as he finds out what his grandfather and why he was so disliked by so many and what happened to him.

I’m not going to post all the Kindle books I bought/got in May because, for once, I actually got a lot this month and you can also just simply see them all under this tag.

Another Update, Later Today!

June 2014 Releases!!

No Top 5 Wednesday from me this week as the topic is too difficult for me to do without my favourite books on hand. Also no ‘Waiting on Wednesday’ this week as I bring to you June 2014 Releases instead! =]

1st June


3rd June



10th June



17th June



24th June


*Archetype is already out according to GoodReads so why it has a June release I have no idea! Maybe because they changed the covers? No idea.

Also, here is the Net Galley ARC I have received to review in June (thought I’m way behind on the May ones let alone get around to the June one!), out June 3rd:


Any here that you’re looking forward to? Any that you want that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know below! =]

#shitIhavetoomanybooks Read-A-Thon!


In case you don’t know about the amazing Regan. She is a booktuber (channel here) and is mad in fantasy (my type of girl!) and she’s decided to (straight away after Bout of Books 10!) do a read-a-thon Monday to Monday and is unofficially called (and is under the hashtag of) #shitIhavetoomanybooks Read-A-Thon. So if you wanna join in, then join in! I will post info as I know it. And if you’re on twitter, hashtag that away and add her also! I think she is amazeballs =]

Basic Info (what I know)

Name: #shitIhavetoomanybooks
Time: Monday – Monday (I assume Midnight to Midnight just like Bout of Books)
Objective? Dwindle that TBR list yet again!

*Update* Video Announcement of Read-a-Thon here (don’t worry, it’s timed to the right time so you don’t have to go through the entire video ^_^)

I’m not going to do a TBR, just going to do a Wrap Up at the end of it all. Is that okay with you guys?

Also, are you going to join in? I know it’s last minute and everything. Also! I shall update this post as I get more info on it =]

Bout of Books 10 – Day #7


Well it is now 00:03am on Monday which means the Bout of Books 10 is over for me! Let’s see how I did shall we?

Day #7

Currently Reading: Battle Royale (from page 319), L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30 (from 24%)

Books Completed: N/A

Pages Read Today: 79 (Battle Royale = 48 / Volume 30 = 31 aka. 9%)

Total: 274 pages

Now, if I had chosen one small/medium sized book for the Read-A-Thon, I technically would’ve finished one book this week (274 pages is a book size!) and reading 274 pages in a week is a massive improvement for me anyway! So overall; I be happy! Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed every page I have read this Read-A-Thon which is another great success and I cannot wait to carry these books on in a more ‘relaxed’ environment although, I hope I can finish them by the end of this week =]

How did you do? What’s your total page count? How many books did you finish? Most importantly; are you happy with your total?!

Bout of Books 10 – Day #5&6


Let’s just get through this non-existent reading progression…

Day #5

Currently Reading: Battle Royale (from page 319), L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30 (from 24%)

Books Completed: N/A

Pages Read Today: 0

Total: 194 pages (236 pages behind!)

Day #6

Currently Reading: Battle Royale (from page 319), L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30 (from 24%)

Books Completed: N/A

Pages Read Today: 1

Total: 195 pages (321 pages behind!)

Well I did say Friday’s were my busiest day and yesterday was spent all day with my boyfriend xD It is currently only 4pm on Sunday and I have already been reading quiet a bit today so there is definitely a progress update for Day 7! YAY! Now just to get my homework out of the way to spend the rest of the day reading too! =]

See you around Midnight!