Self Published – The Way To Go?

So lately I have been watched Brandon Sanderson’s videos like a drug on Write About Dragons on Youtube – his lectures are seriously amazing! And I have just gotten to lecture 10/11 where he talks about self publishing.

Now I have always personally been against self publishing, even though [I think] I read a lot of self published books, and for ceriian reasons;

1. The cover tends to look very unprofessional – which turns people off picking a book; we all do ‘picking a book by it’s cover’ don’t lie xP

2. It costs a lot of money – if doing it right it costs a lot of money to get the right editor, the right cover design, the right marketing – which a publisher can get sorted for you and therefore self-publishing can be a major headache,

3. The writing is very unprofessional and amateur – I don’t mean all because some do spend that 1000 or 2000 pounds/dollars to get that professional editor and make it an amazing book. But for me personally; I feel that a lot of self published people are not professional and maybe do 2/3 rewrites before going ‘that’s perfect’ and putting it out there and ending up in getting getting the worst ratings possible on goodreads.

4. On the superficial note; it doesn’t make you as rich [unless you really work and really get a hit], and it doesn’t keep you as secure as comapred to what getting an agent and a publisher and an editor is. If you get picked up from an agent/editor/publisher; you tend to get the feeling of ‘these professionals recognise me as someone that can actually write and sell books and I’m in and as long as I have idea, I can make this a career and a secure career’. Which with self publishing, it’s basically you [and only you] going ‘I can write professionally’ and putting your book out there,

No obviously these are my personal views and I don’t mean to offend no one and I know there are people that self publish and become huge! Also I haven’t done a lot in to self publishing. Just me personally I find self publishing very unprofessional and the easy way out and feel that a lot of ‘writers’ are going self published just because they can without any real revision, effort and time [to say getting a professional looking cover or a decent eye catching title] etc.


But what do you all think? Agree? Disagree? Do you feel/see that self-publishing is actually more successful than what I have seen of it. What side are you on?

Bearing in mind I get a lot of freebies on Kindle and I assume they are all self published [unless I recognise the authors name] and I have not yet read a book [that appears to be SP] that I have no rated under 3 stars,