Series Part 2 – Series I Want To Complete

We are back for part two! Here we/I can see what series/trilogies I have begun but not yet finished – but want to! < or at least continue onto the next book/novel/issue in the series/trilogy! I shall split them up into 4 sections – should be easy to understand.

Series/Trilogies Completed

Ender’s Quartet = Finished Book 1 Ender’s Game
Sherlock Holmes = Finished Book 2 The Sign of Four
The Chronicles of Narnia = Finished Book 5 Voyage of the Dawn Treader [being read in Chronological Order!]
The Inheritance Series = Finished Book 1 Eragon [mis-placed book 2!]
The Vampire Chronicles = Finished Book 1 Interview with the Vampire
Harry Potter = Read ALL but only got half-way through book 5 – it’s too long for the 12 year old I was at the time!
Mistborn = Finished Book 1 The Final Empire
The Grimm Diaries = Finish Snow White Blood Red and Ashes to Ashes, Cinder to Cinder

FinishSeries3 FinishSeries5 FinishSeries6 FinishSeries7 FinishSeries10 FinishSeries11 FinishSeries12 FinishSeries8

Series/Trilogies Still Being Written

A Song of Ice and Fire = Currently reading A Game of Thrones
The Millennium Rules = Finished Book 1 Thief’s Magic
The Selection = Finished Books The Selection, The Prince, The Elite and The Guard
Discworld Series = Finished Book 4 Mort

FinishSeries1 FinishSeries2 FinishSeries4 FinishSeries9

Comics/Manga Completed

Tactics = Volume 5
Otomen = Volume 3
GANTZ = Volume 14

FinishManga5 FinishManga4 FinishManga6

Comics/Manga On-Going.

Attack on Titan = Volume 13
Twisted Dark = Volume 1
Avenger’s Arena = Issue 2
Kuroshitsuji = Volume 19

FinishManga1 FinishManga2 FinishManga3 FinishManga7

Wow! There is a lot!

Any here you liked? Disliked? A specific one I must finish ASAP? Let me know below!