Sourcery by Terry Pratchett

Sourcery (Discworld, #5)

Quickie Review [Non-Spoiler]: 4/5
Another amazing adventure and it was great to get back to Rincewind! I love how meta the discworld novels are and while Terry Pratchett doesn’t write world breaking prose; he does write very amusing ones and sometimes even some prose that warm your heart. I loved all the characters in this novel but I do hope we hear more about Coin in the future and you can never go wrong with Death in my opinion xD It was a fun, adventurous, funny read! As expected from Mr Pratchett! Give me another!

So much happened in this book! Let me just remember in order; Rincewind left the uni, a thief dragged him along for a mission, boat ride, get captured and put in a ‘paradise garden’, meet a wanna-be hero, escapes because magic; I’ll stop there, so much happened! I’m a little confused as to how the ice giant invasion just stopped (maybe I read it wrong or too fast) but I think the Gods did stop it in the end; which confuses me because weren’t they stark drunk? O no wait, they were the 3 hoursemen; now it all makes sense!


YAY another book done! What to read next… any ideas?

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