5 Classics I Want to Read in 2015

I have accumulated quite a few classics over the years, and I’m not even including the free domain books you can get on Kindle! So here are the 5 classics I will read this year!

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As well as an extra classic because it was a classic I started this year and have not yet finished!


I have chosen these classics mainly because they are classics that I own physically and with the high possibility (and certainty) of moving back to Japan next July/August, I need to kind get rid of as much physical stuff as possible so by going through all my physical classics, I will only be keeping the classics (and other books and DVDs etc.) that are top favourites of mine! So not only are they classics I want to read but also books I kinda have to read xD

Which do you recommend I start with?


Top 5 Wednesday #10


This Week’s Topic: Top 5 Worlds – I’ll assume this is places I’d love to live in.

1. Harry Potter’s World – technically we have this due to the theme parks, but it’d be amazing if it was all real! It would mean magic is real too! Like to think I’d get my letter too, eh Dumbledore 😉

2. Middle Earth – Another we technically have if you go to New Zealand but still… hopefully I’d be living after the One Ring is destroyed , okay? And I hope I am a hobbit in that world! But I would definitely be a Took and be a-travelling!

3. Percy Jackson Universe – A place where greek myths and gods and goddesses are real?! Sign me up!

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)

4. The Golden Compass-verse – I’d love to live in a world where like my soul is actually an animal and such! [Psst. I need to read these books again] and there’s tools that can cut into other worlds?! Yes!

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, #1)

5. Discworld – I can imagine this being a place where no one has a boring and unadventerous and fun life! xD

The Color of Magic (Discworld, #1)

And as a bonus; worlds I serieous would not want to live in or be a part of?

Battle Royale The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

No thanks and hell no!

What worlds would you like to live in? Let me know below!

Same time, Next week!

Top 5 Wednesday #9


This Weeks Theme:  Top Books You Wished You Read Earlier. Okay so what books do I regret being late on the bandwagon for…

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)

Read these for the first time last year – absolutely love them! Wish I’d read them before those god awful movie adaptations.

The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)

Read this for the first time last year and wish I had been on the bandwagon much much sooner;. Granted I got on it before booktube did – which makes me feel rather accomplished – but if only I’d read them when they had first be released because by now, I would’ve already read all three and been able to read some of his other works – seriously I love this man and only read this book by him! Damn year away not allowed to have physical copies but want -_-
Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)
Again just another I wish I had read before the god awful films and wish I had read the series as it was being released – I do own all the books but only read this one.
These last two will be books that I haven’t read but wish I already had and I currently own…

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)

Wish I had read this before the film came out and I still have not yet read the book or seen the film =[

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)

I know it’s a crime, I know but I was like 13 when I tried reading this and it’s just such a massive book that I never finished it – got like 400/500 pages through – and so I wish I had tried to re-read the entire series before either this year away or before uni, so then I could have already read this and completed the series, finally xD

What is on your lists? I think I am out of updates for the day – ain’t yah happy? xD

Top 5 Wednesday #6


This Week’s Topic: Books I Struggled to Finish (aka. What books did I stop reading and just skim read towards the end.)


1. The 5th Wave – this book started off amazing; it was interesting, I was genuinely terrified and was completely immersed in the world. Then we get to the point in the book when she’s with the boy and from that point on wards I felt like Cassie got super annoying, it was no longer even remotely scary, a lot of it reminded me of Ender’s Game and therefore felt it wasn’t original and the ending was just meh and all these little things added up and I was no longer interested and it was difficult to finish.


2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone – you know when the book reaches that 60-ish percent mark and does a total 180? Yeah, that’s where I lost interest, especially the last 100 pages. Even though the writing is beautiful and up until that point I was loving it, as soon as it got there, for some reason I was just like ‘I’m done, not interested’.


3. MockingJay – while I remember it being a fairly good read, I also remember just being sick of ‘who will she choose?’ and that every time some action was about to happen (even in previous books) she got hit by like a rock or something and blacks out and misses the entire thing! (don’t you tell me that doesn’t happen!) and I just didn’t care about anyone towards the end.


4. Fifty Shades of Grey – I know, sue me. The first few chapters of this were fine; but when you realise it’s the same 3 part triangle; sex, argue, make up-sex for the entire book, it gets super repetitive and super annoying -_-


5. The Curious Incident – I just couldn’t full stop. While I did sorta enjoy it, just wasn’t my type of book and because it was a ‘this book will be on your exam’ book, I had to finish it.

What made your list? Are you shocked at what I put? Do you agree?

Same Time, Next Week!

Top 5 Wednesday #5


This Week’s Topic: Top 5 Characters You Wish You Were More Like (once again – as it seems every week – I haven’t read (or re-read my favourites) enough to know straight away what to go with). There wasn’t one last week, as last week’s topic (Top First Sentences) I just wasn’t able to answer as I don’t have any of my favourite books with me.


1. We’ll get the Manga character out of the way: Near from Death Note. He is so intelligent and so collected. I’d love to be more like him in that he’s more reserved about his emotions (very poker face) and I wish I had his logic (he’s constantly playing games and doing them quickly) and he’s also very intelligent – sure would love to gain some IQs!


2. Unfortunately (ha! Get the pun?) I haven’t read A Series of Unfortunate Events for a long time so I cannot remember the siblings individual characters but (shamelessly) remembering the film; Violet was the inventor and thinker of the group and I’d love to be like her and just be able to invent pretty much anything from anything at hand within like seconds of tying my hair up and thinking.


3. Annabeth from Percy Jackson series; seriously with me it’s all about just wanting to be more intelligent and be on the intelligent level of the characters I put here. Annabeth (not the movie one! We’ll forget she exists!) is so logical and mature and intelligent! I wish I was more like her ='[


4. Ender from Ender’s Game – mature way beyond his years and very intelligent – he became a freaking space leader at the age of like 11 for god’s sake! And he’s strong and just keeps picking himself up and never giving up! Wish I didn’t give up so easily – even if it’s just homework.


5. Who’s list isn’t she on?! I wish I was intelligent and mature and loyal (especially more loyal!) just like Hermione Granger. She’s kick ass; she has both brains and beauty and still yet a totally normal teen!

So pretty much, I want to be more intelligent? xD Who is on your list? Do we have the same?

Same Time, Next Week!