Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014

Well I just happened to have signed up for this year. Last year I only got like 8000words done out of 50g but this time I’ve halved that goal and the story I got in my head is just some fun and the writing could be much simpler to put down on paper. But we shall see how it goes.

Anyone else joining in? Let’s support each other!!

Top 10 Tuesday #10


This Week’s Topic: Ten Book Cover Trends I Like/Dislike [it’s still Tuesday in America right? xD]

Now while I have covers I love, trying to find covers with the same trend was a much more difficult task for me to do. But after researching and a lot of looking, I finally found some!

1. Hooded capes/Hidden People – I’m a fantasy girl, so this was kinda obvious.



,2. Cogs [steampunk elements]


3. Fire – no idea why, because fire actually scares me. Maybe it hints [to me at least] something exciting [and maybe explosive?] will happen…



Hit and Miss
4. Part Face – sometimes mysterious and well done, other times just not a good advertisement at all!


5. Sarah Dessen Books – most of these I do not like! But the simple ones like ‘someone like you’ and ‘dreamland’ [and maybe even ‘lock and key’] I quite like.


6. Girls in Dresses – it really depends; which of these do you think I put as a miss or a hit?


7. Naked bodies – I understand a lot of these are normally found in the ‘saucy, erotioc, new adult, contains sexy times’ books but, it just makes them look cheesy and makes it appear like it’s a really badly written story – when I know for a start Kushiel’s Dart is a great book! Just, can people keep their shirts on so when they take them off in the books we’re able to imagine it completely by ourselves?

8. Twilight types – Twilight have ruined what could be beautiful; red and black themed covers. Now I understand some people love these books and I am glad you do but you have to admit, what do these covers really have to do with the story? And look! Some classics got ruined by the same cover theme!



9. Movie covers, – I think the only ones that look decent are maybe The Great Gatsby covers and The Road cover. The rest of the time, no thank you. ESPECIALLY because Movie covers always have a ‘Now a Major Motion Picture’ written on. Ugh!!


10. Fifty shades [and it’s knock offs] – Now I know Abbi Glines is a great author but just seeing monochrome, grey-blue coloured objects just reminds me of the terrible days when I actually tried to read Fifty Shades and just ugh.



Same Time, Maybe Next Week?!

Psst. I finished Battle Royale last week! I hope to get a review up soon!!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


I was tagged by two lovelies; Amanda and Stefani, so thank you very much!! And let us get on with it!

Here are the rules for this blogger award:

1.Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
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Seven Facts About Me:

1. [what can I say that already hasn’t been said…] I love the colour green, it is my favourite!

2. I was born dead and a month early and according to momma I was ‘a very sick little girl the first few months’.

3. I once planned with my friends to go on a road trip around America but we never got serious about it.

4. The place I have gone on holiday to the most is Greece – I have been about 5/6 times.

5. I find The Lord of the Rings The Extended Editions DVDs short even though they’re almost 4 hours+ each [I’m a hard core fan, it happens]

6. I cry at a lot of Japanese dramas; some even once an episode.

7. In school/uni, if I am being taught something that I seriously don’t see the point of learning – e.g. pretty much all of HS maths; there is no need to learn past adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying and algebre really! – ; no matter how much I revise that thing, I will never ever ever learn/remember it.

I Nominate! There aren’t many non-nominated people left though xS

Joey @ Another After Thought

Mariel @ All the Books!

Megam @ YA? Why Not!

Anna @ Anna’s Reading List

For the Love of the Page

[Catch Up] Top 10 Tuesday #9


This Week’s ThemeTop Ten Books On My Summer TBR list. So I am going to do what many others are doing; 5 Books that come out this summer [my summer finishes mid-September] and want to read and 5 books that I want to read in summer that I already own.

5 Books I’m Anticipating this Summer


5 Books on my TBR that I Want to Read this Summer


Same Time, Maybe Next Week?

Undetermined and Sudden Hiatus

I know this is coming out of know where but last night my laptop decided to live it’s last megabyte and so now I have nothing to use to update. I am currently using my boyfriends laptop but I doubt he’d like me coming almost every day to use his laptop – and I too don’t have the time to go over to his almost every day to do updates.

I will, try and update when I can but for now, the earliest I can guarantee I can definitely update will be August. Buying a laptop is way too expensive in Japan compared to what the prices are in England and to be honest, I don’t have any sort of money right now anyway.

You can still follow me on GoodReads – I can still use this through it’s app as I have a tablet (but I can only use my tablet when out at lessons because that’s when I have wifi) – so you can see what I’m reading or finished etc.

I am sorry guys but definitely keep posting, I will read when I can and keep tagging me so I can bombard you with tag backs when I get back, okay?

Supernatural Tag


A non-book related thing today that I wanted to share! =]

1. How did you hear about Supernatural? 
My friend put it on one night when we were home alone and she told me her dad had gotten her into it and wanted to show me it; it was the vampire episode from season 1 and we were both hooked.

2. How long have you been watching Supernatural?
Since Season 1! 2006 baby! =]

3. Who’s your favorite character? 
I used to seriously love Sam but as I grew up I started to see the appeal of Dean and much prefer Dean to Sam now. And Cas is always a solid choice, but only one? Bobby? xD

4. Which season do you like the most? 
Trying to remember the seasons now… Season 5? I’m gunna have to watch them all again…

5. What season are you currently watching?
Done, caught up. Season 9 has finished. Now waiting for Season 10.

6.How many DVDs of SPN do you have? 
Currently just Seasons 1 – 5.

7. What are your favorite episode?
OMG, my friend made a list somewhere of the best episodes…
Skin, Tale Tales, All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 and Part 2, Mystery Spot, Yellow Fever, Wishful Thinking, Changing Channels, The French Mistake, Slash Fiction, LARP and the Real Girl, Slumber Party etc.

8. Have you ever seen the stars live? 
Not yet.

9. What got you hooked to SPN? 
The hotness!

10. How do you think about the marriage of Jared and Genevieve? 
I don’t think about it. It happened and s’long as they’re happy then I’m happy =]

11. What do you think of slash fiction? 
All for it when it comes to Sam and Dean xD But get with the times! It’s Destiel these days!

12. What do you think about Gamble and Kripke? 
Kripke is god! And who is Gamble? xD

13. If you could change one thing in the series, what would it be? 
I wish they’re stop offing them at the end of each season -_- it’s getting boring now. 

14. Say one bad thing about SPN?
Why is the next season is suppose to be the last season?!

15. What are you most afraid of? 
Spiders, the dark, sharks, going into the sea and a crab clipping me, cancer, heartattacks… need I go on?

16. How do you kill a shapeshifter? 
Silver bullet

June 13th 2014 #FridayReads

A slower week compared to last week (but I am reading books that are 300+ pages xD). I’m still focusing a lot on getting through the ARCs I receive from NetGalley and going in order that they came out which is either; coming out pretty soon or came out first to latest release date. So with that in mind, this week I started the English translation of ‘Look Who’s Back‘ which came out way back in April =/:


And then if/once I’ve finished that, I plan to finally get around to Thief’s Magic which if I finish, I should be caught up with all the ARCs that I’ve received that have already been released, while carrying on reading The Book of the Dead (it’s a 30 page-ish Non-Fiction Kindle Freebie!).



Same Time, Next Week!


The Book Blogger Test


I was tagged by the lovely Falling Down the Book Haul, so thank you! I was going to do another Tag (that wasn’t book related) and then this popped up! =]

What are your top three book pet hates?

1. Book cover changes when either part was through a series/trilogy or when the new cover is worse than the previous one.

2. Insta-love – ugh… I know in real life you can walk into a room and spot someone and be like ‘omg I’m in love’ but it’s VERY rare for that to A. be a 100% pure love feeling and B. for that person to feel it back – it always takes time people!

3. Lack of sex and swearing in YA – people reading YA are very much aware of sex and sexual tension and swearing etc. Make your characters more believable (unless in like Dystopians where sex is against the law like in The Selection, but still teenagers think and wonder about it!).

Describe your perfect reading spot

On my floor in England during summer because it’s been warmed up by the sun as it’s risen so it’s bright and nice and toastie and a big space in lounge on.

Tell us three book confessions

1. I didn’t read at all between like age 14 to 18 just purely because of school and work being mental.

2. I spend more time reading book reviews/on booktube more than I do reading =/

3. My knowledge about certain books (particularly in YA thanks to booktube) is very extensive even though I’ve never once thought or had the desire to read it. A good example is the Twilight Series; my friends told me everything that went on in those books, yet I have no desire to read them for myself but can still tell you what happens in them and what’s different in the movies. Another example would be The Fault in Our Stars and/or Panic by Lauren Oliver.

When was the last time you cried during a book?

Only ever cried once at a book; when I finished reading the very last word of the very last Harry Potter.

How many books are on your bedside table?

I don’t have a bedside table in my home here in Japan but in England, I normally have like 6/8 books stacked (but only reading like the top one/two).

What is your favourite snack to eat while you’re reading?

Chocolate! I am a huge chocolate lover so I eat it 24/7 anyways.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone

Harry Potter,

The Hobbit,

Bridge to Terabithia

Write how much books mean to you in just three words

Epic, Countless Adventures

What is your biggest reading secret?

Secret? I’m a slow reader? But everyone knows that! xD

I’m Tagging: (sorry if already been tagged!)

YA? Why Not?

Anna @ Anna’s Reading List

For the Love of the Page

Amanda @ Amanda’s Nose in a Book

Top 5 Wednesday #6


This Week’s Topic: Books I Struggled to Finish (aka. What books did I stop reading and just skim read towards the end.)


1. The 5th Wave – this book started off amazing; it was interesting, I was genuinely terrified and was completely immersed in the world. Then we get to the point in the book when she’s with the boy and from that point on wards I felt like Cassie got super annoying, it was no longer even remotely scary, a lot of it reminded me of Ender’s Game and therefore felt it wasn’t original and the ending was just meh and all these little things added up and I was no longer interested and it was difficult to finish.


2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone – you know when the book reaches that 60-ish percent mark and does a total 180? Yeah, that’s where I lost interest, especially the last 100 pages. Even though the writing is beautiful and up until that point I was loving it, as soon as it got there, for some reason I was just like ‘I’m done, not interested’.


3. MockingJay – while I remember it being a fairly good read, I also remember just being sick of ‘who will she choose?’ and that every time some action was about to happen (even in previous books) she got hit by like a rock or something and blacks out and misses the entire thing! (don’t you tell me that doesn’t happen!) and I just didn’t care about anyone towards the end.


4. Fifty Shades of Grey – I know, sue me. The first few chapters of this were fine; but when you realise it’s the same 3 part triangle; sex, argue, make up-sex for the entire book, it gets super repetitive and super annoying -_-


5. The Curious Incident – I just couldn’t full stop. While I did sorta enjoy it, just wasn’t my type of book and because it was a ‘this book will be on your exam’ book, I had to finish it.

What made your list? Are you shocked at what I put? Do you agree?

Same Time, Next Week!

Top 10 Tuesday #8


This Week’s ThemeTop Ten Books I’ve Read So Far This Year (I like this week’s alot!) I’ve only read 15 books this year and I feel that I haven’t read enough or any that have really wowed me to make this a list of ten, so I’ll try and get 10 but it’ll probs be like 5/6.



So these are in no particular order (although of course The Hobbit wins!);
The Truth About Alice – great book, fun, quick read and felt real and I loved the themes and how the characters developed.
The Hobbit – ❤ that is all.
A Study in Scarlet – my first Sherlock story was a blast and was my favourite out of the two I’ve read so far.
Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish – (kindle freebie btw!) I just loved the ethnic diversity and some of the descriptions were great and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. 
The Guard – my favourite out of the two novellas and this one dropped so many hints and gave me so many theories as to what might happen in the last book.
The Eslites – (another kindle freebie!) A sort of prequal/novella to the series and it interested me and made me want to know more straight away!.
Pride and Prejudice – my first reread (of two) for the year (rereads still count in my mind!) and reading it at a much older age, I got so much more out of it and enjoyed it more and understood the humour better and just an overall great book!

I managed 7, that’s good enough right? What would you say are your top 10 books so far in the year? What books do you think will make your top 10 books by the end of this year?

Same Time, Next Week!